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Our prices will vary dependent on the following:
  1. When you are going? (Easter, Summer, Christmas, Haloween or Thanksgiving)

  2. How long you are going for? (The longer you stay, the better the price)

  3. How much notice you give? (There are discounts for 'Early' and 'Late' Bookers)

  4. Are you an Existing Guest? (Existing Guests receive a discount when they return again and again)
However as a guide and to clarify the above, here are three examples.

You decide to stay for 14 or 21 nights and, as most of our guests do, provide us with 8 months notice. The price for the Summer Holidays would be 1,399 Couple price for 14 nights or 1,966 for 21 nights in Grandview or Sahuaro Couple price.

You decide to stay for 7 or 14 nights and provide us with 8 months notice, as most of our guests do. The price for Christmas & the New Year would be 1,012 party of 5 plus price for 7 nights or 1,873 party of 5 plus price. for 14 nights

You decide to stay for 14 or 21 nights and, as most of our guests do, provide us with 8 months notice. The price for Haloween would be 1,461 party of 4 price for 14 nights or 2,054 party of 4 price for 21 nights.

As you can see the longer you stay, the lower the nightly cost becomes.

The Lowest nightly cost is 45.00 per couple (if 4 people staying in the villa) for a 28 night stay rising to 160.00 for party of 5 plus for a 7 night stay with NO notice during Easter.

All prices quoted are in Sterling Pounds. Please call us for a US Dollar or Euro Quote.

Booking Early and Returning to Scottsdale.

So as to encourage our Guests to book early, we have always given a 10% discount for those Guests who provide us with at least 8 months notice.

Plus a further 10% for guests who return for another stay with us. So a total of 20% discount is given to our return guests.

We are now finding that Guests are booking earlier and earlier so that they can stay when they want. Whilst we are NOT increasing this discount, we are now taking a smaller deposit from those Guests that book at least a year in advance followed by the balance of the deposit 8 months before you start your 'Vacation'.

For your security and flexibilty we can accept Visa and Mastercard. Cheques will be accepted in Sterling or Dollars.

Please send email enquiries to

Thank You.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Please note that Grandview and Sahuaro are the same price. East Aster is more expensive as it offers more space. Please contact us for more details and special offers that are available from time to time.

Please note that for Yours and Our Security, we will NOT forward any information where we do NOT have a Landline phone number. If you wish to discuss this issue please phone us.
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T: 00 353 1 841 5054 (INT)
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