More Restaurants than you could wish for.

Discover Scottsdale Restaurants.

The offerings include French Cuisine, Mexican Food, Family Style, Bistros, Continental and Italian Restaurants. For very special seafood, 'Restaurant Oceana' is the place for fish as fresh and invitingly prepared as anywhere in the USA.

The American style Restaurants add local flavor with Southwest Chilies and Spices.

Restaurants as old as Scottsdale, like El Chorro (A+ for Old Arizona atmosphere) and Durant's (famous for their steaks and stone crabs) must be doing something right to be around for 50 years.

There is a choice of outdoor cafes, and rooms for private parties. Wonderful new places keep opening. There are many Restuarants located on Scottsdale Road near Bell. Carabas, Mortons, TGIF, Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs to name a few.

A short drive down Scottsdale Road will take you to 'Old Town Scottsdale' where you will find more Restaurants. Fish, Theme, Ribs and Jamaican Blue which has been described as the 'Best Relaxing, Chilled Out Coffee House on the Planet'.

The Scottsdale and Phoenix area has over 600 great Restaurants. Most are within easy driving distance. Prices are not exorbitant, most entrées are priced from $14.00 to $28.00. Of course, there are those "special occasion" restaurants that have higher prices.

People do dress up here when they go out for special occasions. However most Restaurants do NOT require Jacket and Ties.

Here is a List of Restaurants that our Guests have suggested are worth visiting

The Satisfied Frog and the Horny Toad out in Cave Creek.

Barcelona, Just off Scottsdale Road, Nighclub for the Mature person. Excellent Food and a Live Band. No Entry Charge for Diners.

Sushi Ko, 9301 E.Shea, (Japanese) Priced at $50 for two.

Sushi on Shea, 7000 E. Shea, (Japanese) Priced at $60 for two.

Thaifoon, Gainey Village, (Asian).

Pei Wei Diner, Gainey Village, (Asian).

The Good Egg, Many Locations, (Breakfast), Low Cost.

George & Lon, Via Linda / Frank Lloyd Wright, (Asian).

Lons @ Hermosa, 5532 Palo Christo Rd, (American), $80 for two.

Carrabas, Bell/Scottsdale, (Italian), $50 for two.

Flos, Frank Lloyd Wright / about 90th St, (Chinese / Oriental) $30-40 for two.Also at other Locations.

Cheesecake Factory, Scottsdale Road, (American) . Also at other Locations.

El Paso, Scottsdale, (Mexican).

Carvers, Scottsdale, (Steakhouse) Ruth Chris's, Indian Bend / Scottsdale, (Steak), $80 for two.

The Charthouse, McCormick / Scottsdale, (All), $80 for two.

Jade Palace, Shea / 92nd Street, (Chinese),$50 for two.

Sanctuary Gold Club, Scottsdale, (US), Good Value.

PF Changs, Scottsdale, (Chinese), Good Value.

The Melting Pot, Hayden, (Fondue), Expensive.

Hard Rock Café, Near Bank One Ball Park, (US).

Hooters, Near Bank One Ball Park, (US).

TGIF, Bell Road / Scottsdale Road, (US), Good Fun.