Tubing on the Salt River

Tubing the Salt River is a time-honored way for Arizonans and Visitors to have fun.

It's a relaxing, sociable way for friends to share the delights of dangling derrières in cool water while enjoying some of the most beautiful and accessible scenery in the area.

"The lower Salt River is just phenomenal," says Lynda Breault, vice president of Salt River Tubing and Recreation, which has served tubers for more than 20 years. "The scenery is spectacular. People come out and feel like they're getting away from it all."

Almost anyone can guide a tube down the gentle rapids of the lower Salt, and the near-constant water temperature of 68 degrees keeps tubers refreshed even on blistering days.

DMC Villas recommends 'tubers' make their outing a floating picnic by bringing plenty of food and lots of water in a sturdy cooler - not some flimsy foam box that will fall apart the first time you use it.

Please take your rubbish home with you.

Salt River Tubing and Recreation offers three separate float trips, ranging in length from about two hours to nearly five, depending on how strongly the river is flowing.

Or, if you prefer to tube on your own, you're certainly welcome. You won't need a permit, except to park along the river. Day use fees are $4 per vehicle, but unless you relish a long hot walk toting your tube upstream to your car, you'll need two vehicles.

"The lower Salt is a recreational paradise," Breault says. "It's beautiful and so close by. And tubing is an inexpensive way to enjoying it."

Tubing Season

Tubing season is usually from mid-April until mid-September, 7 days a week, weather permitting. However, the river water can be surprisingly cold and feels best when the mercury hits 100 degrees or more.