Biosphere 2

Situated on 250 acres, amidst the beautiful Sonoran Desert, Biosphere 2 is one of the largest living laboratories of the world.

A monumental feat of engineering, the glass and metal shell hosts several different land types, or biomes, where scientists use the latest technology to experiment on Earth systems on a relatively large scale.

In the rain forest biome, scientists study how plants may help sequester CO2 released in the atmosphere by fossil-fuel burning and deforestation. In the ocean biome, with one million gallons of salt water, studies are underway to understand the relationship between atmospheric CO2 and coral reef calcification.

The agro-forestry biome houses, in 3 separate compartments, genetically identical cottonwood trees that scientists use to measure the varying number of responses to elevated CO2.

Explore these and five other wilderness ecosystems on the “World of Discovery” tour. For the first time since its conception, visitors can explore inside the 3.15 acre laboratory on a fully guided tour.